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04.06.2010 | Very easy and cheap proximity sensor using IR LEDs
For the latest project I will need some way to control the device without touching it or pressing any buttons. Also, I will need to control the range of some parameters, not just on/off action. I have searched the ideas and schematics which use IR leds and IR receivers but eventually dropped all of them. Some of them are too expensive (I need 4 sensors and buing 4 IR receivers for 3-6$ is too much), some are too bulky, some just give 0/1 instead of a range. Eventually I have found what I want in LM358 op-amp datasheet (imaging that!). read more... comments: 10

17.03.2009 | LP-120 laminator disassembled
I have disassembled my LP-120 pouch laminator (c ya warranty) to actually see how it works. I have also measured the roller temperature to some degree with contact digital thermometer. read more...

16.03.2009 | LP-120 laminator and Toner Transfer PCB making troubles
Ive been choosing a laminator for Toner Transfer for quite a long time. Finally I have decided to buy an LP-120 laminator.

This LP-120 thing is made somewhere in China on unknown factory and is sold in many countries under tons of different brands, but the model name is always the same: LP-120. It is pretty cheap. You can probably get one for around 50$. read more... comments: 12

09.03.2009 | Testing Interflux IF 8300 soldering flux
I am in the search of good flux. I have received IF 8300. It is not cheap, but if it is good then it is worth it. read more...

02.03.2009 | Solder Flux tester
A simple op amp device which will tell how high is the resistance of your flux. read more...

16.02.2009 | Choosing the right iron temperature for TT
Here you will find an algorithm how to choose the right iron temperature for toner transfer method read more... comments: 1

16.02.2009 | Making PCB with toner transfer
Here is the toner transfer method I came up after wasting days on pretty big research. read more... comments: 5

15.02.2009 | Researching Toner Transfer method of PCB making (part II).
Toner transfer continued...

18.01.2009 | Researching Toner Transfer method of PCB making (part I).
In this research I have tried to find the limits of a toner transfer method, find out the minimum width of spaces (gaps) and tracks, and choose the best paper for toner transfer. The practical goal of this research is to make a PCB with track as small as 0.1mm. Some people on the Net claim that they have done it and can repeat it easily. read more... comments: 3

26.10.2008 | USB DANCE PAD (atmega8 based)
This is my first complete and soldered project. With all the testing and mistakes I made it took fairly large amount of time, but the result seems to be quite workable. This is a dance pad for dance games like Stepmania (, In The Groove (ITG) and some more. Basically, it is a square mat (90 x 90 cm) divided into squares 30x30 cm six of which are used as buttons. read more... comments: 17

26.10.2008 | Just started
I have just started this site. It is an English version of my Russia personal site and for some time I will be translating interesting materials to English and posting it here. So, this site will eventually catch up with the Russian one. I dont know how must time it will take though. read more...

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USB dance pad

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