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This is just a list of places where i've been. Just a list, for now.

  1. Ukraine, Avdeevka
  2. Ukraine, Donetsk
  3. Russia, Norilsk
  4. Russia, Talhah
  5. Russia, tundra
  6. Russia, Moscow
  7. Russia, Kranoyarsk
  8. Russia, Suzdal
  9. Russia, Serpukhov
  10. Russia, Kalinigrad
  11. Russia, St. Petersburg
  12. USA, Milwaukee
  13. USA, Philadelphia
  14. USA, New-York
  15. Belarussia, Minsk
  16. Ukraine, Krimea (Alupka, Yalta, Novy Svet)
  17. Ukraine, Azov sea
  18. Estonia, Tartu
  19. Egypt, Hurghada
  20. Egypt, Luxor
  21. Turkey, Istanbul
  22. Republic of Maldives, Kuramathi (2008/05/07-2008/05/18)

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