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Last name: Kuchin
Name: Artem
Middle name: Alexandrovitch
DOB: 26-th of July, 1976


1989-1994Participated in many competitions on physics, math, chemistry. Won several awards.
1990-19948-11 grade in a high Norilsk' school width indepth study of physics and math. I was in a math class.
1994/09 - 1994/12University of Pennsylvania academics English courses. TOEFL: 623.
1995/1 - 1996/5La Salle University of Philadelphia, Finance and Computer Science majors.
1999 - 2005MIREA University (Moscow), "Information sytems" major, Diploma of excellence (ony two B grades)

Job and Business

1995/1 - 1995/5First job - security assistant at La Salle University
1996/9 - 1997/5Technical translator, training of PC users .
1997/3 - 1997/5School teacher (extra lessons on spoken american english and economy).
1997/1 - 1997/9Network administrator and software developer>/TD>
1997/1 - 1997/3Network adminstrator and developer for Internet provider comopany. (Norilsk)
1997/2 - 2000/1Remote consulting, network administtaor, programmer, web designer.
1997/9 - 1999/8Freelance web development. (Moscow)
1999/8 - 2000/1Web programmer for web2000 company.(Moscow))
2000/1 - 2002/11Director of IP Form comopany (Moscow)
2002/11 - нынеFounder, CEO of IT Legion company, founder of other companies (, Moscow)

Technical knowledge

(only which i really used)

Operating systems:

FreeBSD (2.x-5.x)programmer, administrator, user
WinNT/XPprogrammer, user
Win9x, Win3.xprogrammer, administrator, users
MS DOSprogrammer, administrator, user
Mac OS, Mac OS Xuser
X (Windows) - it's not an OS, let it be here. I am just a user.

Programming and markup languages

Perl, C/C++, PHP, x86 addembler, VisualBasic, javascript, unix shell, HTML, BlitzBasic, Z80 assembler, Pascal, Basic.


Intel x86 and compatible
XBOX 360 user :)


ZX Spectrum, Atari XL,XE, Commodore 64, some Amiga, and Russian: BK 0010-01, DVK 3, MK-85


All the usual daemons for Unix systems- ftpd,smtpd,popper,qmail,courier-imap, inetd, MySql, mSql, PostgreSql, apache, etc.

Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, MS Access (db design and programming), etc.

Programming skills

UNIX- systema and network programming, C, Perl, shell
Win9X/NT- VisualBasic, C++ (some), BlitzBasic
MSDOS- Watcom C++, Borland C++, Turbo Assembler

(C)1999-2008 Artem Kuchin (Moscow, Russia)

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