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LP-120 laminator disassembled

I have disassembled my LP-120 pouch laminator (c ya warranty) to actually see how it works. I have also measured the roller temperature to some degree with contact digital thermometer.

Here are the pictures:

And here is the video.

As you see it has two heaters (one on the upper side and one on the lower side which you cannot see). The heaters are shielded from the slit with a metallic shield. The only opening the shield has is on the roller side, so, most of the heat from the heater goes to the roller.

I have approximately measured the temperature of the roller at the exit side with a metallic sensor of a digital thermometer. The thermometer work really slow, the sensor looses a lot of heat because it is not very tightly coupled with the roller and I cannot hold it for too long because it is just to hot for the fingers to be there. Nevertheless, the maximum I measured was over 70 C (165 F)(the setting was 100C - 210F). So, I assume that temperature setting work fine. I will make sure when I receive a pyrometer.

However, one thing does not work properly. It is the READY indicator. When it showed READY I still could hold the roller with a bare finger and it was not too hot. It became really hot only after about 5 minutes.

The springs can be easily adjusted, but the gears have limited height of a little more than 2mm. The gears are made of metal.

So, eventually, there are only two rollers here and the heater heats the rollers which heat and press the laminated material.

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