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Choosing the right iron temperature for TT

Here you will find an algorithm how to choose the right iron temperature for toner transfer method which is described in detail here: Making PCB with toner transfer.

You will need a lot of patience, paper, laser printer, copper laminate (at least 10x10 cm piece) and, of course, an iron. There is not need to etch anything, but you will do a lot of toner transferring. The describe method can be also used to choose the laminator temperature.

Here are a couple of pcb templates (the small one you can put several times) in Sprint Layout 5 fdormat (free viewer can be downloaded here - see link at the bottom of that page). Templates: test.LAY - small, test2.LAY - bigger, but more precise.

Prepare the board and print the layout the same way as described in the instruction (link in the beginning).

Turn you iron dial at two points as starting posotion. Iron the layout to the board for 3 minutes. There must be a good thermoisolator under the board. Ironing board is fine, smooth wood too. Do not push the iron to the board too much. Do it firmly but not too much. Wet the board in hot water for 10 minutes. Peel the paper and see how it turned out.

If the toner did not transfer at some places, then at first consider that you have hand problems, clean the board, print a new layout and do everything again.

If, after 2-4 tries the toner still does not transfer well then rise the iron temperature just a very very small bit. For example, my iron has very small "click positions" between 2 and 3 points. 3 point is too much in my case, 2 is too cold. So, my temperature is 2 clicks above 2 points.

After you rise temperature try to do transfer several times. If it is still no good, rise the temperature further.

If it transfers well try several times and if it is still good then LOWER the temperature by the smallest quant you can and try everything again. If transfer does stop being good then rise the temperature again and consider it the right temperature for this combination of: toner, paper, iron, ironing surface. If you change anything from this list you will need to find new temperature settings.

After this go back to TT description and try to do 0.1mm tracks :)


2013-07-22 13:26:34 Livius (Brasov, Romania)

Thanks very much!,very nice and well presented usefull information.

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